Pre-Surgical Support Programs

Nutrition Therapy and Bariatric Surgery: A Powerful Synergy

Lake Norman Bariatrics offers special programs that help patients lose weight in advance of their weight loss surgery. Pre-surgical support programs are in place to help prepare patients for surgery and we also welcome bariatric patients into our overall long-term weight management program. We will continue to make OPTIFAST products available to those patients who were on OPTIFAST prior to surgery in our clinic.

“Why should I lose weight beforehand,” ask some patients, “When I’ll lose so much weight afterward?” The fact is, the heavier the patient, the greater the risks you and your surgeon face. Clinical data shows that using OPTIFAST before surgery can help patients lose enough weight to significantly reduce health risks associated with various procedures.

If you are considering weight loss surgery or are scheduled for a procedure, talk to your physician about the benefits of pre-surgical use of OPTIFAST. It could make a meaningful difference in your health before surgery, during surgery, and long afterward.

Some of the benefits include:

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